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Ripper Co., Ltd. will support you responsibly. Please check the terms and conditions for the various information you have received.
Entry will be operated as if you agreed to the terms.
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・ Schedule of future function updates
1. Search for jobs
2. Orders for work as a sole proprietor
(Remote work, spot consulting
Interpreter, foreign language education, tourist information,
Homestay, consortium, shopping agency)
3. Corporate evaluation
(Experienced employers, schools, etc.
Publish voice and share information with other job seekers
To do. )
4. Career change consultation
* Others will be updated from time to time.
3.Please enter your basic information. Create master data.
4.Your own "ID" and "pass" will be issued automatically.
5.Scroll down to log in as is.
6.Your own skill management screen will be displayed, so please update the detailed information.
Since it is a management screen dedicated to you, you can access and update it at any time. After the update, we will contact you.
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